Employee Spotlight - Cheryl Thomas

This week’s spotlight is on Cheryl Thomas! Cheryl is a Loan Assistant at our Main Office in Springdale.

Cheryl loves that at United Bank, every employee has a voice and matters to the organization. The bank is family owned, and the owner regularly visits the bank and knows the employees by name. Likewise, United Bank’s leadership recognizes that hard work and great ideas come from all levels of an organization. Cheryl truly values this as an employee of the bank.

In addition to the role that Cheryl plays at the bank, her work in the community is what makes her a truly valued member of the United Bank team. Cheryl volunteers her time with several local ministries, serving on the Cross Church Media Ministry and as an interpreter with the Cross Church Deaf Ministry. In addition to this, Cheryl also volunteers with Joy House Ministry and collects wedding dresses for International Missions.

Cheryl’s favorite thing about the Northwest Arkansas area is how unpredictable the weather can be. We can have green grass and snowfall at the same time! Cheryl grew up in Northwest Arkansas in Springdale, and she loves the area. She one day dreams of visiting Australia!

If you have any lending needs, stop by our Main Office and talk to Cheryl!