Transaction Review Department Scam

Last week, one of our employees received a scam call from someone claiming to be from the "transaction review department at United Bank" and they wanted to discuss a recent transaction on her account. They left our employee a voicemail suggesting she give them a call back at this number (800.337.3392). This call is a scam. These are not United Bank employees or a company that we partner with.

When our employee called the number to see what the scammers would ask for, they asked for her phone number, but then said they couldn't find it on file, and asked for her card number to verify her account. United Bank and it's partners will never ask for your card number to verify your accounts. 

United Bank does have fraud monitoring set up through our debit card provider, Shazam. If there is ever suspected fraud on your account, they will call you and idenitfy themselves as Shazam Card Services and discuss a recent charge on your account. They will also verify your identity before discussing anything about your account. However, they will never ask for card or account numbers, or personal identifying information (such as birth date or SSN).

As a reminder, if you ever receive a call or email that you are not sure about, please do not open, click links, or provide information to them before calling us to verify this request is legitimate. We always want you to air on the side of caution and are happy to take these types of inquiries from our customers.

If you received a phone call from these scammers and feel that you may have provided sensitive account or personal information to them, please give us a call at 479.756.8811 immediately.